Tuesday, June 19, 2012

These are a few...

I have Julie Andrew’s “My fav-or-ite things…” stuck in my head from the Sound of Music. I don’t know all the lyrics but it definitely got me thinking about my own version of the song. It probably won’t rhyme because I am not gifted with that talent whatsoever (like most rappers today). But here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Laying out in the sunshine (if skin cancer wasn’t such a big deal, I’d totally be out there every single hour of daylight, but alas, I’m white and still want to not look like a Dorito. FYI tanning addicts, we ALL know it’s fake. Just stop. I know most probably won’t, but as aesthetic reason for stopping, here’s what your face could turn into whoa there just stop already.). Good guys prefer more natural looking girls anyways!

  •  AVOCADOS. Any time of day. Any preparation. Even fried avocados at the fat fair were surprisingly good. Just can’t beat it.
  • The smell of fresh cut grass. It brings me back to an easier time of life where my biggest worries were all soccer related. I know I’m against planting turf in arid climates, but for sports and parks where it is actually used for the greatest sport on earth, it represents people coming together for something greater rather than fighting (hey that’s why sports were invented in the first place, to keep us from killing each other), team and leadership building, and igniting passion and commitment in young athletes everywhere. (Besides, artificial fields suck. Especially on hot days).

  • Watching dogs walk! Their little legs just shuffling back and forth with an excited empty expression.  It just makes me laugh every time. You’ll never watch the Eukanuba dog show ever the same.

  • Watching other people worship. I fall more in love with God when I see others living out His word and praising Him like no one else is there.  As cheesy as it sounds, it actually brings tears to my eyes. I try to worship to have a faith like that, but it’s a slow process that I’ve experienced throughout life of trying not to give a crap of what other people think of me.
  •  The smell of gasoline is another one of my fav-or-ite things, it always reminds me of taking long road trips with the family, or of when we would top off the boat in the morning before taking it out on the lake for the day.
  • Burt’s Bees Chap stick. Probably one of the greatest things ever and what I am mostly addicted to.
  •  Cows. They are just funny creatures. A fun game to play when passing them by is called “Hey cow” where you literally scream at the top of your lungs out of a car window “HEY COW”. However many look, that’s your score. Speaking of screaming...

  • Rocking out uncontrollably and epically. Benefits of doing it alone, especially in the car on a freeway where no one can hear you: is you get to try hitting those new notes in that A7X song or even attempting to growl even though you have no idea how to. Benefits of doing it with friends: if you do mess up horribly it is even funnier. I literally almost peed myself when my best friend was scream/singing. She sounded like the Archangel Gabriel coming down to slay demons or something.
  • York Peppermint Patties. Although I don’t “taste the sensation” like the people in the commercials who get goose bumps and their eyes dilate while they eat this, it is still probably one of my favorite candies to this date.  Oh, and candy corn. Halloween isn’t a holiday without it.
  • Watching Jeopardy. It is fun to shout out things like you are a hypothetical contestant, following with either “YES I’M A GENIUS!” or “Wow why do people even know that” depending if I’m correct or not. This isn’t my favorite part of the show however; it is when Alex Trebec asks the contestants to share something about themselves. A typical response is something like “I currently hold the record in the state of Maryland for the largest button collection”… “My first kiss was at SeaWorld with Shamu”… or something along those lines.
  •  The moment when you just jumped in a pool (preferably 83 degrees) and you slowly float up to the surface weightlessly. It is as if I am dreaming and can actually fly. Forget you Peter Pan and you’re climbing in the windows, snatching your people up… this is legit.
  • Eating dinner with my family. Again, I know it sounds cheesy, but I love this and appreciate it more the less opportunities that I have to cherish it. We are trying not to have the tv on while we eat, unless it’s a game or something that we can periodically check in with from time to time, but it’s actually one of my favorite moments of the week. We usually do all of our catching up at dinner, and it usually consists of breaking out into hysterical laughter at least three times.

By the way... this is far too formal of an example.
  • Driving with the windows down on a warm day. Nothing like having the wind run through your hair.

  • The true sigh of relief when I finish up a quarter at school and able to just take a random nap on the couch with no homework due the next day. Stressful heart problems dissipate, stress acne goes away, finally being regular again, exercising daily, and waking up with a consistent sleep schedule – this is the good life.
  • Trying on jeans that actually fit. No not that “Oh if I lose a couple pounds, they’ll fit fine”. No. The pants that button without sucking it in, that manage to fit my soccer thighs yet still find my waist, that don’t have stupid looking pockets with bedazzled sequins (why would you want to feel like you’re sitting on gravel all day?), and still manage to make my legs look good. Yes. Those pants are my favorite. (Thank you American Eagle).
  •  Relient K’s random-ness. I feel like whenever I’m reading their album info it’s a mixture of my own random tangents sometimes. They are a Christian based band with creative metaphors that respond to the way are and aren’t living, but they also just write about the most ridiculously awesome things like “Mood Rings” a song about getting emotional girls to wear a mood ring, so when we know when to stay away or when it’s okay to approach them. Brilliant concept. Favorite album name of all-time: “Mmhmm”.
  •    Driving the Excursion (aka gigantic fun mobile). I get to break the stereotypes that women can’t drive/park (especially bigger vehicles), get the best weirdest expressions from other drivers that see me passing them by, I love how loud and large the diesel is, it can hold up to 7 people with camping stuff (sounds like a party right there), and frankly I just feel safer in it because I’m pretty much the terminator out there .
  •         Speaking of, SHOWERING AFTER A CAMPING TRIP. Probably one of the greatest feelings ever in the world is washing off over 4 days of sweat and caked on deodorant. Enough said. 

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