Monday, May 28, 2012

this is why.

Blogging; in our day and age, there are millions of blogs out there, everyone claiming to one thing or another. It’s like this fad, can’t say it runs along the lines of “hipster” because God-forbid that would mean it belongs to part of a movement, despite their mindset it is something that clings to originality. Any who, I don’t see how claiming to be a blogger as an occupation is by any means impressive, but rather just another form of art and expression if you will, which is why I found myself here behind the computer blogging about not blogging.

By you, I mean the hypothetical reader to this online journal, seeing as I don’t care if this is even read or not I just feel like I need to write things down to develop my thoughts. This usually happens when I am talking it over with one of my best friends, but seeing as it is the middle of the night I just have to jot things down so I can return to my wonderful new mattress that has made its new home in my room under my sleeping butt.                                                                                                                                                         
 I write the rules and don’t care if this is proper English (it’s a stupid language anyway, why in the world are read and read (past tense) the same freakin’ word? To just mess with anyone trying to learn it? In turn I felt even more stupid trying to learn French in high school, we threw conjugates straight out the window eh Anglos?)).

This new story, well not new just actually written, will consist primarily of random thought and tangents (hence the language comment), weird or underplayed observations (like has anyone realized Donkey Kong isn't a donkey? Why isn’t it called Monkey Kong?), random vent sessions that probably won’t make sense, and pictures from my miscellaneous life.

Studying landscape architecture has given me an interesting perspective so far, by noticing the details that surround us that keep everything in motion, or the unnoticeable beauty of a casted shadow (no not the typical “Ohh look at me, I am a photographer because I have a cool camera or I use instagram”) but the actual process of photography in finding something that is like a vignette of a portrait – balanced and composed with light and figure placement instead of just snapping senselessly away.

Today on my drive home I was taking the long way home, in last efforts to procrastinate further the crapload of work I have left to do for finals, and I was just lost in thought, looking at plants as I usually do (I know, sounds nerdy and not safe to do while driving, thank you peripheral vision). Sometimes I quiz myself to keep up with my plant i.d. and this monstrous bougainvillea caught my eye and caused me to slow down (it was a residential zone, quit freaking out). “I should really get a picture of that.. I have my camera… nah, maybe some other time” I contemplated as I continued home. “NO, quit saying ‘oh I should’ and just do it already.” Gah, I never win with myself. So I turned around to get a better look at this fuchsia blob to find that this bougainvillea is trying to conquer not only a tree, but a 100’ eucalyptus tree. I’ve never seen that anywhere. I wonder how many people just drive by this cul-de-sac every day and don’t even realize this weird phenomenon, and the only way I even realized it is because it’s in bloom and looked like the tree was dressing in drag. (Random fact, the flowers are not the pink things that everyone sees they are modified tissue-paper-like leaves called bracts, the flowers are small and white within the bracts). Point being, if something inspires you, just pull over already and do it. 

(See, look at the little white blooms! That's the actual flower).

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